Nickie Antonio

Responses to CCPC's endorsement application questionnaire from:

Nickie J. Antonio, candidate for Ohio Senate District 23

Political Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Current or previous elected offices: Ohio House District 13 for the past 8 years. Prior to that, Lakewood City Council for 5 years.

Issue responses

Economic justice

Related to economic justice, I believe in equal pay for men and women, raising minimum wage to $15/hr, and reproductive rights. I have also introduced a bill to end tip-sharing, in which restaurant owners take hard-earned tips from their employees.

Political justice

I have voted against all bills that have tried to disenfranchise voters, such as the Voter ID law. I supported the most recent attempts to ban gerrymandering practices in the General Assembly. I have also publicly called for overturning Citizen's United to get dark money out of politics.

Racial justice

In the past four General Assemblies, I have introduced legislation to end the use of the death penalty, which disproportionately affects people of color. Additionally, I support fully-funded public schooling, starting with Pre-Kthrough 12, and holding charter schools accountable to public school standards.

Environmental justice

I have introduced a bill to prohibit drilling for gas under Lake Erie, as well as a bill to ensure transparency and accountability when using chemicals for fracking. I also co-sponsored a bill to prohibit fracking in public parks.

International Justice

I have spoken out and written op-eds about decreasing the military budget. I did not support a bill that would make Ohio another missile site. I have stood with community members in opposition to mass deportations. I also voted against a bill that would block undocumented immigrants from receiving workers' compensation.

Social Justice

I have introduced the Fairness Bill that would prohibit discrimination against LGBT individuals in Housing or Employment matters every General Assembly of my 8 year tenure. I have sponsored bills to ensure the reproductive rights of women. I have fought against multiple pieces of anti-choice legislation. As previously stated, I also support equal pay for equal work.

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