Grant Goodrich

Responses to CCPC's endorsement application questionnaire from:

Grant Goodrich, candidate for US House of Representatives, Congressional District 16

Political Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Current or previous elected offices: No

Issue Responses

Economic justice

If elected, I commit to working for access to affordable healthcare for all Americans. In particular, I have pledged to work to make paid family and medical leave available to all working families. As new parents, my wife and I found ourselves in a position where she was on unpaid family leave from her employer, and I was unemployed when my position came to an end. This forced my wife to return to work earlier than she wanted, and for a short period of time put our family in a difficult situation. No young family should have to face this challenge, and in Congress, I will work to make sure that all American families have this opportunity to properly care for their newborn in those important first few months of life. Finally, I believe that the same work should merit the same pay, and commit to working towards this goal; inequity in compensation for equal work has perpetuated barriers in this country which need to be torn down.

Political justice

If elected, I will work to get big money out of politics once and for all. This means working to take appropriate legislative action to end Citizens United and to break the power of Super PACs. Additionally, I will support all efforts for a fair and equitable redistricting plan for U.S. Congressional seats in Ohio. The district I am running in is currently incredibly gerrymandered; it was drawn with the intent to deprive voters of real choice by heavily favoring the Republican incumbent. I believe that voters want a real choice, and I will work to give it to them. Finally, I will fight to protect the right of all American Citizens of age to vote; it is among our most sacred rights, and we must never waver in its defense.

Racial justice

One of the most important reasons that I am running for office is because I want my son to grow up in a better country than I know now, a country where he and his peers – regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation - will not grow up in the shadow of the opioid epidemic, a country where, with good planning, they will all be able to afford a college education if they choose, and a country where they will all be able to find good jobs. I know that no one single intervention will solve our nation’s struggle with race; rather, it will be a united effort on all fronts to change our social systems. In particular, I believe we need to reform our justice and penal system, so as to reduce incarceration for non-violent crimes, to improve training and job attainment programs within the penal system, and to reduce recidivism. Finally, I have learned that we need better data to tackle our nation’s problem with race. Because of firewalls between agencies and the lack of linked data, a problem that may be viewed as an attendance problem at school might actually be a health problem. These are problems that can be identified and addressed with known techniques; I pledge to work to require the federal government’s agencies to share data with one another to be able to provide better, more accurate services and resources.

Environmental justice

I believe that climate change is the greatest threat to our national security, and to our planet. The current Administration’s stance towards climate change is incredibly harmful, endangering America’s ability to mitigate the impact of climate change, and to prepare for the consequences. Rising seas, longer droughts, more intense storms – all threaten our coastlines, our food supply, our infrastructure. Climate change will also destabilize countries around the globe – leading to mass migration. We need an energy policy, an agriculture policy, and an immigration policy that is prepared to deal with all of these. We will either face these challenges as a prepared or unprepared nation – there is no way to sidestep the coming wave. I pledge to work on creating an energy policy that invests in new, clean energy technology while at the same time defining a roadmap to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

International justice

I am running because we need people in Congress who understand the world we live in – people who have lived overseas, who speak foreign languages, people who understand global and regional challenges, and how they affect the United States. We need people in Congress who understand the needs of our national defense and our military. One of the clearest responsibilities assigned to the Federal Government by the Constitution is to provide for the National Defense. We need people in Congress who understand that responsibility, who have served, who have been deployed, who have used the weapons and equipment purchased and procured through Congressional appropriation. We need people in Congress who, when called upon to declare war, understand the incredible sacrifice they are asking the American people to make – and who will never take that decision lightly. We need people in Congress who understand that we – all of humanity – are on the same tiny planet. If elected, I will only support the use of military force as an absolute last resort, and I will work to make sure we improve relations with our allies across the globe. Further, I believe we need a reasonable, straightforward and well-defined path to citizenship for all who desire it within our nation’s borders, regardless of how or when they got here. I will work in Congress to deliver this for all who need it.

Social Justice

I am running because I want my wife and I to be able to grow old in a country where we can afford good health care – and have access to it. To grow old in a country where the social security framework that we’ve invested in will be healthy, funded and available to provide support to us in our old age. I am committed to working to protect Social Security, Medicaid, and Veterans Administration benefits for all those who have worked so hard to earn those benefits. Further, I firmly believe in and will work to advance equal opportunity and equal rights for all, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. I will work tirelessly to make certain that the Federal Government serves its citizens and residents fairly in all it does.
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