Jeff Johnson

Responses to CCPC's endorsement application questionnaire from:

Jeff Johnson, candidate for Ohio Senate District 21

Political Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Previous elected offices: Cleveland City Council Ward 8 / Ward 10; Ohio State Senator 21st District

Issue responses

Economic justice

I am committed to providing a stronger economic foundation for our citizens and their families. To get there I want to close the wage gap. I had previously lead the fight in Cleveland City Hall to raise the minimum wage for Cleveland beginning with $12 until we get to $15 per hour in three years. My proposal was rejected by city leaders. I now want to lead the effort to get the minimum wage in all of Ohio to get to $15 per hour. We will likely have to do a statewide voter referendum to get there.

I also support maternity leave benefits and affordable universal health care. I have always believed that health care is a right for every citizen. I am committed to fight for the national Affordable Care Act, and the full participation of Ohio. Public transportation provides economic benefits for citizens. I am committed to fighting for a partnership between the state government and our public transportation agencies across Ohio. The state has to do more to provide resources to strengthen and expand public transportation in Ohio that expands mobility for all citizens to provide greater economic opportunities.

Political justice

I am committed to continue to work for full participation of citizens to freely vote. I do not support removing citizens from the voting lists even if they have not voted in recent elections. I will fight against any effort by the state legislature to make it more difficult to vote.

I also want to be involved in having a redistricting process that does not benefit any particular party or interest. Racial, ethnic and geographic fairness must be part of a new process to draw state and federal political boundaries. I am also committed to removing big money from politics. The Citizens United court decision, and other court decisions after, have created an environment that has allowed the rich and powerful to control too much of our politics. Unacceptable. I will support public policy that reduces the power of lobbyists.

Racial justice

I have always challenged our leaders to recognize the failure to economically develop the neighborhoods of our citizens. Minority communities are disproportionately impacted by disinvestment, and the lack of governmental and private sector economic development. I am committed to advocate for the minority communities in Ohio, as well as the poor areas, urban and rural, to provide economic fairness in the investment and development occurring across Ohio. In our prison system reform is needed. As State Senator I previously lead the fight for the reform of the state parole board and the sentencing guidelines. I am committed to fixing the many problems in our adult and juvenile justice systems. We have to provide better programmatic pathways within our prisons to allow for those incarcerated to find success in our communities when they are released. I support allowing more criminal records to be sealed after ex-offenders have proven themselves by committing no additional crimes during the years after serving time or probation.

I will continue to fight for bias-free policing and community-based oversight of local police departments. We have to strike the balance between supporting policing to protect and serve our citizens while preventing and responding to wrongful police action that violates the Fourth Amendment rights of the same citizens.

Environmental justice

I am committed to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels to provide our Ohio citizens their energy needs. Cleaner energy must be expanded in our state to allow for a better future for our citizens. Natural Gas, solar, wind and other energy options will improve our quality of life.

I am committed to our Great Lakes, and support regulations for clean water. The state government must be more of a partner with local governments in removing brownfields. I am also committed to supporting policies that removes contaminants in our environment within our communities.

International Justice

I am committed to participating in public policies and actions that seeks to have fair and humane immigration policies, including a path to citizenship. I support the DREAM Act. I am committed to advocating for the use of military action as a last resort. Diplomacy must be a priority.

Social Justice

I am committed to removing social barriers to allow Ohio citizens who are LGBTQ to enjoy all freedoms all other citizens enjoy. I have always fought against discriminatory policies against racial minorities, women, LGBTQ and others. All citizens deserve to have equal rights and opportunities, and I will continue to advocate for them. I am Pro-Choice and will fight against any legislation to reduce or end a woman's freedom of choice. As State Senator I will be a strong advocate for senior citizens. We must recognize the sacrifices and contributions of our seniors and protect their retirement benefits and daily needs. I will do that. I will also support equal pay for equal work. Finally, I am committed to expand voting rights for all in Ohio.

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