Dimitri McDaniel

Responses to CCPC's endorsement application questionnaire from:

Dimitri McDaniel, candidate for Ohio House District 12

Political Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Current or previous elected offices: none

Issue responses

Economic justice

Raising the minimum wage is extremely important to the future of Ohio. If workers are unable to have a living-wage and wages continue to be stagnant, then communities will struggle to better themselves with the constraints being placed on them by Republican majorities in Columbus. Making sure we strengthen Medicaid and protect Ohio's Medicaid expansion is not only vital for those who received health care but for the future of how health care will be administered in this state. If we turn our backs on those that need affordable health care then we will never see the day where all our covered by a not-for-profit health system.

Political justice

Citizen United opened the flood gates to what multimillionaires and multi-billionaires can do to influence elections and at the very least returning to a time when one wealthy person can pick and choose peoples representation. Furthermore in Ohio most of the power has already been segmented following the gerrymander process. Correcting how populations are packaged in Ohio which prevents Democratic influence at the state is vital to a more democratic process.

Racial justice

Fair economic development shall be the goal of every region, every community, and the State of Ohio. If we can not have strong community support for large projects then we should reevaluate if the project is for short-term benefits while ignoring the long-term needs of the community. Police wrongful shootings has been abundant not only in the U.S. but especially in Ohio. It has become so frequent that when it occurs people feel that that is just the way things are, but there can be more special prosecutors and an increased level of transparency to help bring community and police together.

Environmental justice

Supporting clean water is vital to the regions success because if we have less then stellar Lake Erie then the region will suffer. Improving the Lake and protecting the natural beauties we have are essential for our future. Shifting to renewable energy is not only the smart thing to do for the environment but it is the smart thing to do for companies the bottom lines. The future is in renewables and Ohio and the U.S. shouldn't be left behind.

International Justice

Humane immigration policy is not only important it is a policy problem that can help better Ohio. Immigrants bring with them a new culture, drive to work hard, and a commitment to improve their lot for their kids that can only be a net positive for all communities. Military action should be a last resort too much money is spent on military weapons and expanding their influence when workers and communities need better infrastructure.

Social Justice

Equal housing and equal opportunities are important because where one person or one group is being oppressed that oppression is being consented by the silent public and we must help provide fair treatment of all who feel discriminated against. Equal Pay for Equal work is important because it is one of the most concrete solutions to help bridge economic outlooks for African-Americans. If Black women receive higher wages then black communities will see higher wages that can be used to improve the communities.

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