Elizabeth Hiller Schulte

Responses to CCPC's endorsement application questionnaire from:

Elizabeth Schulte, candidate for Ohio House District 6

Political Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Current or previous elected offices: none

Issue responses

Economic justice

I support single payer Medicare for All, will protect and expand Ohio's health care safety net until M4All is enacted. I've worked as a health care activist since 2000, primarily on behalf of cancer patients.

I support affordable higher education, in particular Senator Sanders' proposal for free tuition at public colleges and universities. As with health care reform, I feel this is a big job best handled at the federal level, but will do all I can to make it a reality in Ohio

I support the proposed $15 minimum wage, along with better efforts to enforce labor regulations to reduce unsafe workplace conditions and wage theft and fraud. I oppose right to work legislation.

I support improved funding (state and federal draw downs) for public transportation. As a former railroader, I was disappointed to see Ohio drop out of contention for federal funding for high speed rail and would love to see the project renewed, even if only for the northern Ohio corridor.

Political justice

I support getting big money out of politics and would support greater transparency and campaign finance reform in Ohio towards that effort. I would support major reform in the area of SuperPacs and other vehicles to allow larege anonymous donations to candidates and campaigns. I would support caps on the amount of money candidates are allowed to spend along with time limits on political campaigning and am open to any ideas for getting corporate and big money out of politics.

I support reforms to end gerrymandering in Ohio, in particular proposals that allow for a non-partisan process so that all voters have fair representation.

I support continuing voting by mail and expanding the number of days that polls are open to allow all to vote.

I support "motor voter" legislation, allowing people to be automatically registered to vote when they apply for, change or renew their driver's license.

I support any effort to reduce the impact of corporate lobbyists on Ohio's legislative process. Much of this can be accomplished through greater transparency and reporting of lobbying activities and campaign donations, as well as campaign finance reform.

Racial justice

I support efforts to reduce the criminalization of poverty. Onerous and excessive fines, penalties, etc. for non-violent offenses should be eliminated or greatly reduced. Incarceration of offenders because of inability to pay fines should not be allowed.

I'm in favor of empowering more citizen review boards to ensure police are prosecuted in wrongful shootings.

I support full funding of public education in Ohio to allow all students, especially in low income and minority communities, to have access to high quality education. I also support funding for free tuition at public universities and community colleges. To support more equitable education funding, I would support efforts to source more education funding from state government, and less from property taxes.

Environmental justice

I support getting Ohio's programs back on track to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. I would like to see the state and counties do more to subsidize alternative energy options (solar, wind, etc.) for residents/homeowners.

I support greater efforts and funding to monitor and clean up pollution in Lake Erie and other Ohio waterways. Ohio still has problems with algae blooms from excessive agricultural runoff from CAFO's and large agricultural operations with heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides. Regulations to control it are currently voluntary, but should be mandatory.

I oppose any efforts to sell water from Lake Erie to corporations or entities outside of Ohio. In all aspects, Ohio should continue to support and adhere to the Great Lakes Compact.

I support efforts to improve monitoring of wastewater and underground contamination from fracking. Ohio needs to keep better track of the kinds of materials and chemicals being injected underground and disposed of above ground.

I support restoring authority to county and local governments to regulate or ban oil or gas drilling/fracking within their statutory borders.

International Justice

Though many of these policies aren't under the authority of state government, I would certainly do my part at the state level to support them. In addition, I oppose the use of state taxpayer funds and the Ohio National Guard to be used for overseas combat.

I support fair and humane immigration policies.

Social Justice

As a 1970's era feminist, I support social justice and civil rights, including EEOC, Equal Pay, etc. and oppose all discrimination based on income, race, gender, age, religious beliefs, sexual preference, etc. I believe government has and should continue to have a role in protecting and advancing the interests of these populations.

I strongly support access to affordable, quality health care for all, including cancer treatment, access to birth control and reproductive services. As a feminist I believe strongly in advocacy for all women, at all ages and in all aspects of their life.

I'm also concerned that the US is experiencing an increase in poverty as more people retire, particularly women. Private and public pensions have disappeared, 401k accounts were decimated by the Wall Street crash, Social Security hasn't kept up with the real cost of living and we're facing shortages of affordable housing for seniors. I support a renewed focus on getting and keeping senior citizens out of poverty.

The public policy positions outlined here are limited for the sake of brevity and convenience to CCPC. There are many more details and issues of concern to me. I encourage you to contact me for additional information or clarification. Thanks for all your hard work.