Sherrod Brown

Responses to CCPC's endorsement application questionnaire from:

Sherrod Brown, Candidate for US Senate

Political Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Current or previous elected offices: US Senate

Issue responses

Economic justice 

I support raising the minimum wage. This year, I introduced a bill that will guarantee thousands of retirees in Ohio receive the pensions they were originally promised.

Political justice

I support overturning the Citizens United decision and maximizing voter participation in elections. Recently, I filed an amicus brief in the Ohio voter purge case.

Racial justice

I support banning the box on federal job applications and funding a high quality public education system.

Environmental justice

I support clean drinking water and have sponsored bills to remove lead from the water we drink. I support developing offshore wind energy.

International justice

I support support humane immigration policies that support refugees. I believe sanctions and other measures should be used before military actions.

Social Justice

I have been a steadfast supporter of the LGBTQ community - voting to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell and voting in support of marriage rights. I support equal pay for equal work and have introduced legislation to close the gender pay gap.
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