Werner Lange

Responses to CCPC's endorsement application questionnaire from:

Werner Lange, candidate for US Congress District 6

Political Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Current or previous elected office: none

Issue responses

Economic justice

Make minimum wage a living wage; make it illegal to work full-time and still be officially poor; paid maternity/paternity/family leaves; single-payer health care system; tax net wealth and make income tax progressive; free public education through college; expand public transportation and reduce fares; punish crime in the suites on basis of damage done to common good; reform criminal justice system by making nonviolent offenders avoid prison; restore voting rights to all returning citizens.

Political justice

Make Clean Money option universal; support Move to Amend and define money as property (not speech) and corporations as businesses (not people); make instant voter registration (on election day) universal; outlaw revolving door lobbyists; outlaw PACs; lower campaign donation maximums; vote on Sundays, not Tuesdays, or make general election day a paid holiday; extend franchise to prisoners.

Racial justice

Eliminate local property taxes as basis for public education; provide rehabilitation services, not prisons, for nonviolent drug offenders/addicts; single standard of justice for murder; expand quality education programs for prisoners; actually implement affirmative action programs; implement Marshall Plan equivalent for poverty-stricken urban and rural communities; abolish childhood poverty.

Environmental justice

Ban fracking; divest from fossil fuels; invest in renewable, clean energy (solar; wind; geothermal).

International Justice

Ban nuclear weapons; close at least half of US military bases in foreign lands immediately and the others later; drastically reduce the military budget and eliminate all funding for nukes; support an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital; treat and define Zionism as Fascism; immigration reform based upon values inscribed on Lady Liberty.

Social Justice

Expand, not cut, Social Security; Medicare; Medicaid; support pro-quality of life choice (i.e. focus on enhancing quality of life of born babies; no woman should suffer a forced pregnancy, and no child should begin life unwanted; life does not begin at conception and end at birth); equal rights for all; defend and promote human rights for all (e.g. health care is a right, not privilege).

For more information: lange4congress.com, Facebook