How We Started:

The roots of the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus (CCPC) can be traced to the summer of 2015 when Senator Bernie Sanders began his movement. As the energy of his campaign grew, it became clear that momentum forward would continue far beyond the 2016 presidential election. Built on the progressive agenda and values of this movement, Northeast Ohio for Bernie Sanders began its transition in the summer of 2016 to the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus.

The Purpose of CCPC:

  • We partner with causes that affect people in the Cuyahoga county area, to bring more attention to these issues and to bring more people to the front lines of the fight for justice.
  • We lead efforts that have no organized group to take leadership. If the membership, steering committee or directors of CCPC find there is an issue that we as an organization are positioned to take on, we do so.
  • We educate communities within the county about important issues, causes, campaigns, and candidates that they may have an interest in working with.
  • We are a resource for prospective candidates for public office. We also provide endorsements to candidates by vote of the membership.


How We Create Change:

  1. Bring together causes and people from all over the county.
  2. Fight for Economic, Political, Racial, Environmental and International Justice as one united voice.
  3. Engage people and groups who are new to activism and politics. Growth is key to building coalitions that have the power to make change.
  4. Take steps towards minorities and vulnerable populations. Make activism accessible to people of color, people with disabilities, Native Americans, LGBTQ communities, and women.

Fighting Trump & Conservatism:

With conservatives in power in both of our state legislatures, all five of our statewide offices and the majority of our state supreme court, we must fight hard in Ohio to achieve any sort of political victory statewide. This is mirrored at the federal level. Many in the southern part of Cuyahoga County are represented only by extremely conservative republicans... without a single elected person representing them who believes in climate change or that racism exists in the United States. From Trump to your local school board, change must happen. Until we can unseat these people we must fight the conservative measures they undertake.

We will fight legislation that limits women's access to quality healthcare, encourage guns to be carried in schools, eliminate benefits for unemployed workers and take rights from cities and towns to decide what oil and fracking companies can and cannot do within their city limits. The list goes on.

Last and most importantly, we MUST fight the bigotry, hatred, Islamaphobia, racism and even subtlest of attacks on people of color, women, people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations. We saw a rise in hate speech during the Trump campaign. The emergence of the White Supremacist movement (who call themselves the Alt Right) have gained far too much attention and as they act we must react swiftly. 

We must take a stand in these three distinct ways:

  1. Fight to replace conservative leaders with progressive leaders. 
  2. Fight conservative action such as the aforementioned legislation. 
  3. Act to counter attacks on people of color, women, people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations.


The People of CCPC:

Anyone can be a member, as long as their core values match those of the progressive movement as outlined in our Core ValuesBecome a member today! Our steering committee consists of 31 seats. If there are vacancies, new appointments will be made in accordance with the process laid out in the CCPC Bylaws.

The day to day operation of CCPC falls to the directors. Click here to read more about CCPC leadership.

The bylaws of the organization are available for review here: 

Read Our Bylaws