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CCPC Statement on the New Chair of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party

For Immediate Release –

The Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus is proud to endorse Mayor Trevor Elkins to be the next Chair of the County Democratic Party.

Some have criticized the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus by claiming that we are trying to run the Democratic Party from the outside, by endorsing various candidates in general, and with our endorsement of Trevor Elkins in particular for the Party’s Chair. The reality is CCPC’s endorsements are like any other organization’s endorsements.

Our endorsed candidates may choose to support candidates that we do not endorse, and we are clear that this will be the case with Mayor Elkins. That is how politics works. Another reality is that although many of CCPC’s members are not Democrats, only members who are Democratic Central Committee members will have a say in who the next Party Chair will be.

To be clear, we understand that Mayor Elkins has a strong history as a member of the Democratic Party and is unwavering in his belief that the Democratic Party is the vehicle for progress in Cuyahoga County. We believe he agrees with our policies in general, but we also understand that he is a principled, independent individual who will not necessarily agree with us on any given issue. We understand that our role and that of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party are different, but can be complementary on areas of agreement.

The mayor has not been involved with the recruitment or endorsement of any Progressive Caucus candidates currently running for office in Cuyahoga County because his role is to support endorsed Democratic candidates. We are supporting Mayor Elkins for Party Chair because he is a member of CCPC—along with numerous other elected Democrats—and a significant portion of our membership are members of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party.

We believe his view of government’s role in improving the lives of everyday citizens aligns with ours. Furthermore, we appreciate Trevor Elkins’ belief that the most effective manner to grow the Democratic Party is to become more inclusive in the conversations held with the broader community, and to never restrict the democratic rights of the electorate.

Contact Person:

CCPC Political Director Steve Holecko, 440 220 1874,

CCPC Statement re: Ohio Supreme Court Ruling on Q Referendum Petitions

For Immediate Release –

The Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus is very pleased that the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled in favor of allowing the democratic​ process to play itself out in the Quicken Loans Arena renovations referendum issue.

We are hopeful that the City of Cleveland accepts the Ohio Supreme Court's decision, and does not attempt another made up out of the blue legal stunt designed to impede or delay the verification of the the 20,000 signatures submitted this spring.

CCPC is extremely confident that, once the signature verification process is completed by the County Board of Elections, the $88 million question of using Cleveland taxpayer dollars to finance the Q Renovations will be decided where it should be decided: by a vote of Cleveland taxpayers this November.

Contact Person:
CCPC Political Director Steve Holecko, 440 220 1874,

Sustaining a progressive renaissance—with your help

This month the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus is proud to celebrate our first anniversary!

We began last summer to continue the movement Bernie Sanders ignited with his historic presidential campaign. Since then our all-volunteer grassroots group has built up a 3,000-member organization, becoming a significant voice in local political issues. The announcement last week of our Cleveland Candidate Endorsements received media coverage equal to the County Democratic Party's.

In our first year, CCPC has carried out a wide range of forums, workshops, and actions, including:

• hosting the first Cleveland mayoral forums throughout the city, providing voters a chance to hear from the candidates
• backing the "Not All In" campaign against a public giveaway to Quicken Loans Arena
• sending delegations to Washington to lobby for causes such as the restoration of Glass-Steagall
• attending national workshops such as the People’s Summit in Chicago this summer

Can you help us sustain the progress in CCPC's second year? Please become a Sustaining Supporter. You decide what you can give, whether it’s $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100 a month. Your contributions will help pay for rent, travel expenses, supplies, etc. Your commitment will help power a year-round progressive presence in politics, government and our communities.

Become a Sustaining Supporter today.

Our Revolution & The People's Platform

Our Revolution is promoting a People's Platform for positive change, and you can help support it.

The progressive left is not alone in wanting to channel the energy of 2017 toward more than #resistance. A majority of Americans feels that Democrats need to communicate "an affirmative vision or message beyond a desire to boot Trump out of office." The good news is that while members of congress are working on it, Our Revolution is ready to get it done.

The People's Platform draws together several bills already introduced in the House of Representatives, and calls on Democrats to sign on:

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A Call for Diplomacy Without Bombs

As an organization, those of us here at the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus concern ourselves primarily with local, countywide, regional, and statewide issues and have thus far not waded much into questions of foreign policy or of war and peace. However, in light of several horrific bombings by the Trump government over the last week or so, we feel compelled to join many other progressive organizations in condemning these militant actions. Rather than bombs, we call for a return to diplomacy and the accommodation of refugees as a way of dealing with Middle East conflicts.

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It was like a bad dream. What was? The Ch. 20 viewing of some six hours of almost meaningless discussion of the city council's give-away of millions of dollars to Dan Gilbert and his Quicken Arena gang. As if he needs it.

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Now that it has happened, we should do something about it. Yes, Cow Town Columbus and Franklin County has surpassed Big City Cleveland and shrinking Cuyahoga County (except in debt) in population. Rich Exner, the Plain Dealer<>/i's ace numbers man, revealed the figures that show Cuyahoga County once again LOST population, 5,673 individuals. (Everyone counts these days).

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Fiscal Abuse of Cleveland & County Taxpayer

170324 roldo corruption

Between Progressive Field, First Energy Stadium and Quicken Arena, and the Republican National Convention at the Q, the city of Cleveland provided more than 100,000 hours of extra police protection downtown in 2016.

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PDs and Sold-Out Politicians Backed Sordid Arena Deal

Dan Brady used to be a man of the people.

Now he’s servant of the anti-people. A stooge.

Fallen deeply for the Establishment he once made his reputation by opposing.

Nothing could be worse.

Here is his quiet spanking of civic protest of the Quicken Arena give-away:

“It’s become very clear that after listening to our friends who we like and who we agree with, that they have very little understanding of what the county presently does and how it spends its money,” Brady said at a meeting on the give-away of city AND county money to billionaire Dan Gilbert of the Cleveland Cavilers.

Talk about spin.

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Leftist Book Reports: Brave New World

Leftist Book Reports: Brave New World

(Bold numbers are meant to be read as footnote indicators)

“What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that

there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read


- Neil Postman 1

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