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Fiscal Abuse of Cleveland & County Taxpayer

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Between Progressive Field, First Energy Stadium and Quicken Arena, and the Republican National Convention at the Q, the city of Cleveland provided more than 100,000 hours of extra police protection downtown in 2016.

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PDs and Sold-Out Politicians Backed Sordid Arena Deal

Dan Brady used to be a man of the people.

Now he’s servant of the anti-people. A stooge.

Fallen deeply for the Establishment he once made his reputation by opposing.

Nothing could be worse.

Here is his quiet spanking of civic protest of the Quicken Arena give-away:

“It’s become very clear that after listening to our friends who we like and who we agree with, that they have very little understanding of what the county presently does and how it spends its money,” Brady said at a meeting on the give-away of city AND county money to billionaire Dan Gilbert of the Cleveland Cavilers.

Talk about spin.

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Leftist Book Reports: Brave New World

Leftist Book Reports: Brave New World

(Bold numbers are meant to be read as footnote indicators)

“What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that

there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read


- Neil Postman 1

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Dear White Americans: It's Time for Us to be Brave With Each Other

I recently attended a lovely holiday dinner party with long-time good friends. As tends to happen, the topic of our reprehensible “President-Elect” made its way into the conversation. Immediately the host put down his drink and proclaimed, more loudly than necessary, “If anyone brings up politics, you are ejected from the party!”

I quipped that I promised not to be the first one to bring him up. Something inside me noted the moment, though, and filed it away for reflection. How often have we heard statements like this? I have memories of similar messages, spoken or unspoken, at parties, family gatherings, and work events. “Never talk about politics or religion,” I heard many times growing up. “That’s the fastest way to lose friends!”

Here’s the thing: I think this is a harmful social norm of white Americans. I think we’re afraid to talk about “politics” because we know politics is inseparable from race, and we have no idea how to talk about race. Our squeamishness with high-conflict subjects like privilege and discrimination makes us avoid important conversations, ones that could lead to advocacy and changed minds. We need to get better at digging deep and speaking out.

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The Danger of Discouragement

Advocates for the progressive cause in the United States are currently facing one of our most difficult tests. In addition to constantly wondering what could have caused such a disastrous election as the one we just witnessed, we are forced to bitterly fight for mere survival under such a hostile administration. Many may feel inclined to give up, or simply wait until a time when activism is easier. I have personally had experience with this feeling before; facing powerful and entrenched opposition is frustrating and disheartening. However, one of the greatest regrets of my life came from when I succumbed to this pressure when I should have continued to advocate for what I believed in.

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MIA: Senator Rob Portman

Originally posted at Indivisible Shaker on 14 February 2017.

Rob Portman probably doesn't want to hear from his constituents in Cuyahoga County.

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Infowars is Aptly Named

We are at war and the weapons are information. Think about the phrases we’ve been hearing since the election; fake news, alternative facts, gag orders. Wikileaks’ whole shtick is releasing ill-gotten, highly sensitive information. Russia’s influence on the election was entirely information based. They are accused of hacking the DNC and spreading fake news to sway voters. 

Think about your last Facebook showdown with an ideological opponent. Did the conversation surround ideas? Or were you bombarded with links to articles and news stories providing anecdotal evidence as to why you’re wrong, why your cause is illegitimate, why you’re a hypocrite, or why your brand of politics is evil? Maybe you’re the one using information as ammunition. I’ve been guilty of it myself. No judgment here.

I could go on about the dangers of discussing ideas within the context of isolated incidents that make the news, but there are more pressing issues. If Facebook bickerers are soldiers with info-guns, the newest white house administration is whipping out info-tanks, info-missiles, and maybe even an ‘infotomic’ bomb. The tanks and missiles are the fake news, alt facts, and gag orders.

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Envisioning a Pro-Life, Pro-Choice World

Ever since Donald Trump’s election, I’ve been doing something I never thought I would do: getting into Facebook debates about abortion. Perhaps I’ve been in a bubble, but I was surprised to discover how many people voted for Republicans, and specifically for Trump, because of this one issue. I had long thought that debating abortion was a lost cause, but as I have attempted to engage with the other side, I have learned a great deal. I would like to re-frame this issue with the goal of inclusion. I think we can create a world that is both pro-choice and pro-life.

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Showdown Coming on Public Subsidies

Originally published at Have Coffee Will Write on 12 February 2017.

For the first time in more than two decades, two civic organizations are opposing an Establishment desire to seize more public dollars to subsidize a downtown development—the Quicken Arena.

Citizens are actually challenging the political leadership and their corporate dictators, the Greater Cleveland Partnership, which represents high-powered business and legal elites.

This is not apparently what County Executive Armond Budish and Mayor Frank Jackson were expecting when they bowed to Dan Gilbert on a scheme to revamp the Q. Both Councils—city and county—will also have to sign off on the deal that will cost more than $280 million over 17 years.

Pretty disgusting.

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The Public Health Implications of a Trump Presidency

Originally posted at Medical Feminism on 12 February 2017.

This past presidential election spurred numerous unprecedented changes throughout communities in the United States. Donald Trump, during his bid for the presidency, managed to directly threaten the safety of several sects of the electorate: from suggesting a national registry of Muslim Americans to promising to disband the Affordable Care Act — leaving millions of Americans uninsured. These and other actions made by Trump before and during his presidency impact the health of our country’s population in a variety of ways.

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