A Call for Diplomacy Without Bombs

A Call for Diplomacy Without Bombs

As an organization, those of us here at the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus concern ourselves primarily with local, countywide, regional, and statewide issues and have thus far not waded much into questions of foreign policy or of war and peace. However, in light of several horrific bombings by the Trump government over the last week or so, we feel compelled to join many other progressive organizations in condemning these militant actions. Rather than bombs, we call for a return to diplomacy and the accommodation of refugees as a way of dealing with Middle East conflicts.

Specifically, we condemn the launching of 59 Tomahawk missiles at an air base in Syria, which killed many civilians. The strike brings the United States deeper into the incredibly bloody and complex Syrian Civil War. Even more disconcerting, some in the Trump White House reportedly want to send a large force of ground troops to that conflict.

We strongly condemn the deployment of the so-called MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Blast) in Afghanistan, the most powerful non-Nuclear Weapon in the United States arsenal. This extraordinary attack was justified because it supposedly targeted a system of tunnels used by ISIS fighters, though in reality, the MOAB is not useful for that purpose. Reports say 36 ISIS terrorists were killed, but the horrific damage on around 100,000 local civilians and the environment by detonating such an incredibly powerful bomb may never be known.

As almost need not be said, both of these actions were taken unilaterally by the President with zero debate in Congress or the United Nations.

CCPC strongly condemns these attacks on Syria and Afghanistan and encourages all progressive elected officials at all levels to do so as well. The US Congress must act to limit the President's seemingly unlimited war-making ability.

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