CCPC Platform

Platform (working draft - members only)

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Economic Equality

  • Higher Taxes for the Wealthy & Corporations

  • Significant Spending & Investment in

  • Communities with the Most Need

  • Repair and Improvement of Urban Infrastructure

  • Kill the TPP

  • Renegotiate or Terminate other Free Trade Laws

  • Raise Minimum Wage to $15

  • l Increase Minority Set-Asides in Local Development Projects

  • Protect Worker Rights

Racial Justice

  • Fight All Forms of Institutional Racism

  • Fight to Preserve Minority Set-Asides and Affirmative Action

  • Fight ID Laws, Polling Place Closings and Other forms of Voter Suppression

Environmental Justice

  • Fight Global Warming by Decreasing Dependency on Fossil Fuels

  • Drastically Increase Access to Renewable Energy

  • Overturn the Dark Act

  • Improve Conservation Efforts

Criminal Justice

  • Decrease Incarceration

  • Legalize Marijuana

  • Eliminate Mandatory Minimums

  • Maximize Funding for Training/Placement for Ex-Offenders

  • Prosecute Police for Wrongful Shootings

Get Big Money Out of Politics

  • Overturn Citizens United

  • Eliminate SuperPACs

  • Drastically Limit Maximum Contributions

  • Pass the DISCLOSE Act

  • Pass a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate Corporate Personhood


  • Pass Comprehensive Universal Healthcare

  • Increase Access to Mental Health Services

  • Curb Prescription Drug Costs and Tackle Fraud

  • Provide Easy Access to Nutritional Information


  • Make Public Colleges and Universities Tuition Free

  • Reduce Student Loan Interest Rates

  • Support Unionized Public Schools Over Charter Schools

  • Simplify Student Aid Application Process

Stop War

  • Make Military Action as Last Resort, not First

  • Decrease Spending on Overseas Military Bases & Expensive Weapons Systems

  • Spend Funds from Cuts at Home

  • Negotiate with Adversaries