Committee - Education


Every child in Cleveland at age 3 should have a quality pre-K program to attend. Every child in Cleveland should be able to attend a quality school.  The educational programs should prepare students for college and/or apprenticeship programs in all schools.

  1. End the practice of connecting teacher evaluations and pay to test outcomes. 

  2. All charter schools should have the same accountability and reporting as public schools. Under-performing charter schools will be closed.

  3. Develop and implement alternative discipline programs in schools that minimize suspensions. 

  4. Decrease absenteeism in the schools by providing support to families of students who are having problems with attendance.

  5. High-quality Pre-K program available to all CMSD students beginning at age 3.

  6. Expand after-school tutoring and mentoring programs utilizing college students.

  7. End to school-to-prison pipeline (including zero tolerance measures) in CMSD schools, including charter affiliates.

  8. Place more emphasis on cultivating gifted and genius programs, curriculum, schools in every CMSD school.

  9. Create of city-wide Parent-Community Education Commission, to represent and reflect parent and community ideas and suggestions for full consideration and implementation, in the interests of all children. Commission, will also examine issues of implicit bias, racial achievement gap, lead issues, school to prison pipeline concerns, etc.

  10. Highly recommended or mandatory African American history, culture, and studies courses in CMSD schools, with approval made by majority of parents and students at each participating school.

  11. Hire additional counselors for schools to address the suicide crisis 

  12. Bring trade school opportunities back to every secondary school building in the Cleveland Municipal School District.

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