Committee - Housing


The City of Cleveland will implement a plan to dramatically upgrade existing housing stock in terms of environmental safety, energy efficiency, stormwater runoff.  It will change the existing tax rebate system to encourage new low and middle-income housing to be built and reward energy efficiency/production and storm water management.  It will develop foreclosure prevention efforts to assist those who can’t avail themselves of existing programs. The City of Cleveland will enhance its efforts to eradicate homelessness.

  1. Reinvigorated housing inspection program

  2. Rental property registry fully implemented

  3. Collaboration with CPP on renewable energy development and energy efficiency implementation

  4. Collaborate with NEORSD on surface retention of storm water surges

  5. Redesign of property tax abatement program

  6. Facilitate CDCs in the creating of local construction companies whose mission will be to provide employment and training to city residents and cost effectively make improvements in the exterior of existing homes and the energy initiatives.

  7. Develop a foreclosure prevention program including housing purchased since 2009 that are not covered by existing federal programs.

  8. Implement a set of minimum standards for all homeless shelters and establish an emergency family shelter to maintain the integrity of homeless families.

  9. Develop a pilot project to see whether more abandoned structures can be returned to affordable housing rather than being demolished.  The pilot would examine the feasibility of turning such homes over to skilled tradesmen living in homeless shelters

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