Why I am Voting Jill in November

Why I am Voting Jill in November

Bernie sanders was trying to unite the country, not just a party.  We tried to defeat the two party system from within, with Bernie Sanders but we found it too corrupt a system to overcome. Jill Stein shares Bernie’s beliefs because she doesn't take money from Super Pacs. She is indebted only to the people who voted for her, not to corporations. Dr. Jill Stein is a physician and activist (with a better singing voice than Bernie) and holds many of his same values and platforms, only less hawkish.

She appeals to Libertarians like Ron Paul because she proposes closing our 700 military bases abroad and cutting military spending in half. Independents make up the largest electoral bloc at around 40% (Dems 29% Rep 26%). Millennials, 40 million strong, now out-number the Baby-Boomers as the largest bloc in terms of voting age.  Her plan to cancel all existing student debt like WE bailed out the Banks is not a hard sell. “Hey Kid, you want to absolve your student debt?”  “Hey Moms and Dads, can you not afford your child's college because you're still paying off your student loans?”  See, it's easy. 

If nothing else, this election in particular has pulled the curtain back on the entire election process. The American people are tired of the establishment. With the current climate of anti-establishment popularity, the longing for a break from the two-party system, the rise of the Independent voter and millennials, Stein could sweep into the White House. Here's the dilemma, The media is in cahoots with the DNC. The DNC has gone to great lengths to cover up their dirty works. (See Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Adrienne White, Pay to Play, Guccifer2.0, #DNCLEAK, #PodestaEmails, #Wikileaks). 

We wanted change, with Barack Obama and nothing changed.  Do we really want more of the same? Perpetual war, corporate greed, staggering income inequality, media consolidation and collusion, militarized police, drone wars, internet censorship, diminished civil liberties and a host of other issues we cannot tackle from within the Corporate Duopoly Oligarchy. Obama tried single-handedly to pass TPP.  I also need to draw your attention to a YOUTUBE video by ORF that shows PBS Newshour editing Dr. Stein’s response why Clinton is as bad as Trump by cutting 30 seconds of her talking about TPP.  

The Democratic National Committee Services Corporation is not a government entity. As its title clearly states, it's a Corporation. The same goes for the RNC. Ditto the Federal Election Commission. The corporate media are now an arm of the government state-run propaganda machine.  

I was blocked by Plain Dealer Columnist Connie Schultz for posting Amy Goodman’s ‘Democracy Now’, video about corporate media being completely in the tank for Trump/Clinton citing the Tyndall Report. "Is there bias in the media?" I asked. BLOCKED. Full disclosure, She may have been mad at the picture I posted of the room full of mostly woman voting down Super Delegates in Maine. I noted "Those ‘Bernie Bros’ sure look like strong women voicing their disgust with the current political process."  Full disclosure: Connie's husband is super delegate senator Sherrod Brown and he endorsed Clinton. The corporate media are stifling the debate by only presenting two sides of a lose-lose scenario. 

The fact that the head of voter registration at the Cuyahoga Board of Elections didn't know Dr. Jill Stein was even on the Ballot as of October 1st should be a wake-up call to all. 

While volunteering for Sanders I must have made thousands of calls on his behalf. I spoke with many republicans who switched party affiliation to vote for ‘Old Man Sanders’.  I spoke with over two dozens superdelegates, some stated that they have been friends with Hillary for over 30 Years. (Can you say Cronyism?)  Despite overwhelming evidence going into the DNC Convention that Sanders beat Trump by larger margins than Hillary and that she would be in a legal quagmire because of the Clinton Foundation ‘Pay to Play’ scheme, Emailgate and ensuing cover-up, they were still gung-ho for Hillary. One lawyer super delegate denied there was on ongoing criminal FBI investigation into Sec. Clinton's use of a non-secure, un-encrypted, private email server to hide Clinton Foundation transactions. Another had never been to BernieSanders.com to review his platform. That's how you make an informed decision? Half of superdelegates are elected officials. The other half are made up of DNC board members, lawyers, lobbyists, and life-long democrats like Bill Clinton and Al Gore (responsible for 1994 Crime Bill, Welfare Reform, NAFTA, Repeal of Glass-Steagall, Repeal of FCC regulations, etc.).  The people who determined that Hillary (and not Bernie) would be our nominee are just on the board of a corporation designed to keep the status quo. We were all woefully and willfully ignorant.

The DNC put an end to Sanders campaign, not the Movement. That is why I'm voting for Dr. Jill Stein this November.

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  • Scott Madis
    commented 2016-10-12 22:44:47 -0400
    Pretty good, for a piano man!
    I feel your pain, Harry.