Committee - Jobs


The City of Cleveland will use its resources to create apprenticeships and new jobs for city residents as it addresses the housing, energy conservation and production, environmental health sections of this platform.  It will prioritize in its procurement process the use of city-based businesses and will facilitate city based firms in developing the resources to meet the City and School District needs. The City of Cleveland will facilitate the re-entry of people leaving prison in its job development initiatives and initiate job training at its juvenile detention facilities.

  1. Development of local construction companies to provide apprenticeships to Cleveland residents and persons in re-entry from prison in the building of the new green infrastructure

  2. Utilizing CDC expertise to expand the ability of city-based companies to meet the resource and service needs of city-owned enterprises and the CMSD

  3. Ban the box legislation related to city hiring and the procurement process.

  4. Job training and placement in juvenile detention facilities

  5. Pass legislation and develop a local office to oversee the temporary labor companies and assure that they pay their employees the minimum wage.

Pass legislation supporting equal pay for women and transparency in salaries.

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