Lakewood Democrats' "ballot box" gets a visit from the revolution

Lakewood Democrats' "ballot box" gets a visit from the revolution

By Tim Russo - The tangled webs the interests of capital (in this case, The Cleveland Clinic) weaved to rig the state (the Lakewood Democratic Club), this Thursday are amply described in this DailyKos post. To save time, one picture of the Lakewood Dems "ballot box" says it all.

LakewoodDemsBallotBox.jpgHere we see Lakewood City Councilwoman At Large Cindy Marx (so ironic), casting a "vote" August 25 for an endorsement before that endorsement even made it to the floor. Comically hurried around the room amid howls of parliamentary procedure objections, this "ballot box" sat on a table for hours as the endorsement was debated and then tabled to September 29 by a hand count.  

Where are those "ballots"? That "vote" never happened, and if litigated wouldn't survive a minute in court. If this occurred in a foreign country the international observer present would not leave that box unattended until the uncounted, improperly cast ballots were accounted for in full, and the box pad-locked and sealed until the newly scheduled September 29 vote. If you're going to wrap your "ballot box" in Barack Obama's face, best not put it at the center of a farce.

This mockery of democracy is standard in the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party. As a candidate for County Executive in the 2014 Democratic primary, I spoke to the Lakewood Democratic Club at a similar endorsement meeting. Simliar "ballot box". The announced result in the county executive race was "unanimous" (there were six candidates), so I asked to see the count. Lakewood Dems never showed me the count, an absurdity repeated by the Shaker Dems not long after. When Lakewood Dems chair Karolyn Isenhart robotically repeated Thursday night her apologia "we always do it this way", that is something I can confirm.

Newsflash to local Democrats. You cannot outrun this movement. Not by fiddling with new members' voting rights, nor by moving the goalposts, nor by wrapping your "ballot box" in a Hope Poster for the Cleveland Clinic. Take this opportunity to change and embrace it. A flood of new members should be welcomed like an unexpected Christmas visit from family, not spat at and played for a bunch of fools as if they're not looking. That's a lesson the Labour Party is learning in the UK this summer, the hard way. 


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