Privatizes This


From Medicare to our local recycling and refuse services, the signs are abundant, what has historically been owned by the public, is slipping into the for-profit sector. The justifications are simple enough. Our leaders tell us, "either we raise your taxes, or we outsource this service or department." This message isn't crafted by local politicians looking for ways to make their communities better. When you hear, "this partnership with Private Company X is a win, win." take a deep breath, and think about this...  

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Racism in Our Wallets

The twentieth century brought a host of American triumphs: social security, universal free public education, state university systems, the GI Bill, the minimum wage and the right to join a union chief among them. These path-breaking changes reduced poverty, created opportunity, grew a middle class. They helped families, communities and the broader economy alike.

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Sad Story of Local Sports Corruption

Why do we offer significant welfare to an industry—sports—worth billions of dollars: NFL—$76 billion; NBA $54 billion; MLB $38 billion?

That’s a lot of dollar value. Yet our revenue-struggling city/county pick up the tab. We get extorted in public.

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Vote Against 64

By Tristan Rader - 

This isn't another message asking for money, or asking you to volunteer. I just want you to vote. Vote against privatizing our communities healthcare. Vote against toxic non-compete agreements that allow healthcare monopolies.

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An Open Letter To Lakewood Residents

Lakewood Friends and Family,

There are many in Lakewood concerned about not having a full-service hospital in the city. There are others upset about the loss of Lakewood's largest employer and the millions in lost tax revenue. However, this didn’t move me to get involved. When I saw what was really happening behind the scenes… I quickly became an activist for this cause.

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Lakewood Democrats' "ballot box" gets a visit from the revolution

By Tim Russo - The tangled webs the interests of capital (in this case, The Cleveland Clinic) weaved to rig the state (the Lakewood Democratic Club), this Thursday are amply described in this DailyKos post. To save time, one picture of the Lakewood Dems "ballot box" says it all.

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Common Sense and the Fight for $15

By Steve Holecko- 

Cleveland City Council’s refusal to support the $15 per hour minimum wage, leads me to question their common sense.
Common sense tells you that a minimum wage of $15 an hour should be called a living wage since one cannot live much less raise a family on $8.10 an hour. 

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A Cleveland Spring?

by Randy Cunningham

            It is not easy being an activist in Cleveland.  This is a tightly managed town where we politely wait for the lights to change before we cross a street – even if there are no cars coming.  It is supervised by a sophisticated elite that has perfected the art of discreetly pulling strings.  Talking back to one’s betters is frowned upon from in Cleveland.  Even the death of Tamir Rice at the hands of the Cleveland Police did not cause much of a disturbance of Cleveland’s placid waters. 

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Us vs. Them

At times like these, especially during an election year, it's easy to think dualistically: good vs  bad, right vs wrong, and, quite literally, black vs white. The issues our country faces are complex, and we too are complicated individuals. Unfortunately, the pace of our world is often too rushed  for us to think and consider answers that do not fit into sound bites or that are not easily divided along party lines. The media often reports in extremes and that language bleeds into our own conversations, especially since studies have shown that we seek out media sources with perspectives that support what we already believe. However, if we're honest with ourselves, reality is much more nuanced than we often make it out to be.


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