Not All In

We join Greater Cleveland Congregations and Oppose the Q Renovation Deal #NOTALLIN

Late last year, it was announced that the Quicken Loans Arena would be seeking public funds to upgrade their facility. This renovation will likely cost, including interest, $282 million, with $160 million coming from public sources. The proposed rehab of the Q is an opportunity for the people of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County to end their silence and start to be citizens instead of spectators to the decisions impacting their communities.

This is an opportunity to break with a past where such projects are routinely rubber stamped. When RTA is facing more rate hikes and service cuts, the City of Cleveland just raised income tax to make payroll, and many neighborhoods around the county are still in decline… We deem this renovation to be a breach of public trust and a gross misuse of public funds. We will not stand by while those elected to lead us redefine progress as working people subsidizing billionaires.

We are actively organizing to prevent this deal and would like to encourage everyone to join us at the next County Council meeting, Tuesday, February 14th (2079 E 9th St @5pm.) While we are #ALLIN and support our champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, we are NOT ALL IN when it comes to backroom deals to spend down Northeast Ohio’s future. Please, contact your County Council person and relay your concern about this deal.

Cuyahoga County Council Contact Information:

District 3: Dan Brady, President (216) 698-2014 

District 8: Pernel Jones, Jr., Vice-President (216) 698-2019 

District 1: Nan Baker  (216) 698-2047

District 2: Dale Miller (216) 698-2011

District 4: Scott Tuma (216) 698-2013

District 5: Michael J. Gallagher (216) 698-2015

District 6: Jack Schron (216) 698-2016

District 7: Yvonne M. Conwell (216) 698-2017

District 9: Shontel Brown (216) 698-2023

District 10: Anthony T. Hairston (216) 698-2022

District 11: Sunny M. Simon (216) 698-2035

For more information, visit our Website or call Steve Holecko @ 440-220-1874