An Open Letter To Lakewood Residents

An Open Letter To Lakewood Residents

Lakewood Friends and Family,

There are many in Lakewood concerned about not having a full-service hospital in the city. There are others upset about the loss of Lakewood's largest employer and the millions in lost tax revenue. However, this didn’t move me to get involved. When I saw what was really happening behind the scenes… I quickly became an activist for this cause.

When it came to closing Lakewood Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic saw an opportunity to save money and increase profits. For them, there are simply too many Medicare and Medicaid recipients in and near Lakewood. Too many senior citizens and single mothers. Too many people are working two or even three jobs to make ends meet without any healthcare benefits. Too many underinsured young people, just starting out on their own (and I was one of them.) The Cleveland Clinic views these groups as liabilities. They much rather move the capacities of Lakewood Hospital to Fairview and Avon, where they are likely to increase Clinic profit margins.

While working for Senator Bernie Sanders, during his presidential bid, this is what we fought against. The rich and the powerful seeking higher profits at the expense of those who can least afford it. When, in actuality, our diversity is our strength. 

What is happening, here in our community, is symptomatic of a larger problem. PROFITS are coming before PEOPLE. We are moving away from more accessible healthcare; in the complete opposite direction of the equal access, single-payer healthcare that the rest of the developed world enjoys.

This year, Lakewood City Council has placed an issue (Issue 64) on the November ballot to affirm their decision to close Lakewood Hospital. Astonishingly, the Cleveland Clinic went even further and added a non-compete clause to Issue 64. If the issue passes, it would effectively BAN any future hospital facility to prevent future Clinic competition and further limit Lakewood's healthcare options. YET AGAIN, the clinic puts profits before patients.

To add insult to injury, their main argument has been...

"It's over, suck it up; we lost the hospital… Now, vote to affirm it." … This is akin to a school bully taking your lunch money, and the teacher telling you, "Make sure you tell that bully thank you, on your way out!"

This is why I am voting AGAINST ISSUE 64 this November 8th. For me, Issue 64 is not about getting a hospital back; I do not know if we will get our lunch money back from the school bully... but I WILL NOT thank him for taking it!

For us, now, this is about standing up and saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH. We do not want to be bullied now or ever again, in this way. I do not approve of what has happened here in my city. I do not like the manner in which this was done. We do not want to repeat this saga in the future. Thus, I am voting AGAINST Issue 64. 


In solidarity, 

Tristan Rader

Operations Director, Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus

Lakewood Resident


Note: If you would like to read more about what is happening in Lakewood, Ohio and around this issue, please see my last post.

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  • Ronald Ruffner
    commented 2016-09-29 06:45:33 -0400
    Dear Tristan Rader,

    Thank you for your excellent definition of Issue 64 and your working to help stop it from passage. Although I never agreed with Bernie Sanders ‘Pie-in-the-Sky’ pipe dreams I agreed with his desire to help people. The biggest thing lacking in our Government; local, City, State or Congressional is honesty and clarity. To this point I would like to encourage those to also Vote ‘NO’ on Issue 64 and VOTE OUT those greedy local Politicians who agreed to close Lakewood Hospital to begin with! I pray all of Lakewood see’s this and friends here will share this.
    You are absolutely correct in your assessment as to what Cleveland Clinic is doing and how big business is hurting our community in every way. The only reason they succeeded in this was through our Local Politicians who must be as greedy as they are…
  • Michael Deneen
    commented 2016-09-27 20:19:18 -0400
    Well said.
    Sadly, corporate influence is not limited to national and state issues.
    Office holders at the local level are often eager to cut corporate deals to boost their careers.
    As Bernie said, we need to get involved at every level of government.