The platform of CCPC shall consist of at least six categories of justice. Examples are then given of items CCPC supports within each category. Issues and items that CCPC supports shall not be limited to the example items listed.

Economic justice

  • Raise the minimum wage to make it into a living wage.

  • Create stronger benefits for workers, including mandatory sick time and maternity leave, among others.

  • Vocally advocate for equal pay for women.

  • Make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone through enacting universal health care (healthcare justice).

  • Support effective and affordable public utilities, transportation and education systems and oppose efforts to privatize, sell-off or lease assets that are publicly owned.

  • Raise taxes on the wealthy and large corporations to provide support for public needs, including infrastructure, education, and healthcare, among others.

  • Change trade agreements so they promote fair trade, not a rigged definition of free trade.

  • Make public higher education affordable, including free tuition at public colleges and universities for low and moderate income families (education justice)

  • Create stronger penalties and prosecution for corporate misconduct and crimes.

Environmental justice

  • Reduce dependency on fossil fuels

  • Increase investment in Clean Energy

  • Support strong and rational regulation in support of clean water, soil, air and transportation.

International justice

  • Negotiate first, peace is the first priority. We reject the idea that war is a means to peace. Military action must be a very last resort reserved for the most extreme of scenarios. 

  • Support actions that allow non-citizens to stay without threat of removal, while creating a path towards citizenship.

Political justice

  • Get big money out of politics, including eliminating SuperPACs, drastically limiting maximum contributions, curbing “dark money,” and other steps.

  • Maximize voter participation and turnout through easier registration, more opportunities to vote and reducing obstacles to voting, such as voter ID laws.

  • Reduce the power of lobbyists, including stronger limits on politicians lobbying the legislative bodies they had previously been in.

Racial justice

  • Reduce incarceration for minor and nonviolent crimes, including eliminating mandatory minimum sentences, increasing job training and opportunities for ex-offenders.

  • Vigorously prosecute police for wrongful shootings.

  • Never be silent when oppressed groups and/or minorities comes under threat.

Social Justice

  • Equal rights and opportunities for LGBTQ, people of color, Native Americans, women, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.