Validation of the Q Referendum Petition Signatures

Validation of the Q Referendum Petition Signatures

For Immediate Release - The Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus would like to thank the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections for their work this last week, in the validation of the 20,000 signatures, submitted by Cleveland citizens asking for a Referendum on the Q Renovations Ordinance passed by Cleveland City Council last April.

With the Referendum now a certainty, CCPC would like to reiterate our position that this issue needs to be on the November ballot. It is a senseless waste of $760,000 of Cleveland taxpayer money to hold a special election, when Cleveland City Council can simply schedule a meeting before the regularly scheduled September 18 meeting to get it on the November ballot.

We urge City Council to schedule this earlier meeting and not waste $760,000 that can be better spent in the neighborhoods that need help. We ask this question: If Mayor Jackson and the Cleveland City Council members who voted for the Q Renovations really feel that a majority of Cleveland citizens believe that this is an appropriate use of $88 million of taxpayer money, why would they not want it on the ballot as they campaign for re-election? What are they afraid of ?

Contact: Steve Holecko, CCPC Political Director, 440 220 1874,

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