CCPC Statement on referendum petitions' withdrawal

CCPC Statement on referendum petitions' withdrawal

For Immediate Release - Last Monday activist groups in Cleveland appeared to achieve one of the greatest victories ever in the history of grassroots organizing. A Bloomberg News article Wednesday reported "Shocking: This might be the first example where pressure from a public referendum defeated a stadium finance deal already in place, according to Ted Gayer, a stadium tax expert and vice president and director of economic studies at the Brookings Institute."

It appears the Greater Cleveland Congregations have stolen that victory from us. Although GCC may have had a legal right to negotiate a deal and withdraw the referendum petitions they had a moral obligation to at least consult with CCPC and the other activist organizations that helped gather the 20,000 signatures before any deal was made.

We are extremely disappointed in today's turn of events which has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. We'll be holding a Press Conference with Cleveland Mayoral Candidate Jeff Johnson this afternoon at 4:30 at the Northeast corner of East 105th & St. Clair in front of the clock tower.

Contact person:
Steve Holecko, CCPC Political Director, 440 220 1874,

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