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Need a space to meet?

Starting March 27th, 2017, local groups can request to use our space for gatherings and other events. Approval is not guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate groups wanting to use the space. Please, make requests around a month before the event, for availability's sake... and at the very least a week's notice is required. 

Space Address: 11910 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, Oh 44107

There are two available rooms: 

1) The Front: Conference table always set up. Can accommodate up to 10 people. 

2) The Back: Clear space, can seat 75 in rows of 10, facing the front. Or 40 at tables (tables available upon request, you must arrange them.)  

Room Rate: There isn't one. If your group wanted to make a donation, we greatly appreciate it, but this is not required. In the future, if demand for the space is high, we may instate a fee. 

Making a Reservation: Call Diane 216-324-5036 or email

A few simple rules:

1) Don't steal stuff. That's not cool.

2) Leave it like you found it. Clean up when you're done. 

3) Show up and leave on time... so our volunteers aren't put out.

4) Food and drink are allowed... just don't spill things... and take any organic trash and bottles out before you leave :)


Calendar and Availability 


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