RTA Board Meeting: Give or Support Public Comment on Fare Enforcement

RTA Board Meeting: Give or Support Public Comment on Fare Enforcement

A Cleveland Judge Has Ruled RTA's HealthLine Fare Enforcement Method Unconstitutional.

At our recent meetings we have been discussing the inequitable effects of RTA's current fare enforcement. Many of us have shared our experiences with transit police targeting riders on the HealthLine. Now RTA's fare enforcement on the HealthLine has been ruled unconstitutional.

This is good news for riders that are tired of being interrupted by armed transit police. The bad news is that the HealthLine is getting slowed down by drivers having to check fares resulting in "bus bunching" shown above. Further delays will not be tolerated by riders already paying too much for declining service. What can be done?

Clevelanders for Public Transit is calling on RTA to immediately take the following actions in order to implement convenient and equitable fare enforcement:

  • Commit to establishing a system-wide proof-of-payment system:
    • To be enforced by unarmed fare inspectors
    • With consistent inspection across routes and time of day
  • Decriminalize fare evasion by reducing fare evasion to a civil penalty as opposed to a criminal offense.
  • Reinstate a 2.5 hour period for a single-trip fares.
  • Expand all-door boarding to include other heavily used routes in order to reduce trip time and operating costs.

Removing armed transit police while expanding a proof-of-payment gives us the best of both worlds. A faster trip with less interaction with police. Fares must also be decriminalized and reduced to a civil penalty.

RTA spends over $14 million dollars annually on transit police. They have 400% more transit police officers to serve less than half the ridership of the 1970's. Is this the best use of limited taxpayer dollars?

Riders and supporters of riders are encouraged to attend RTA’s next board meeting to provide public comments and share their experiences with RTA fare enforcement. 

Hosted by Clevelanders for Public Transit

November 21, 2017 at 9am - 11am
RTA Headquarters
1240 W 6th St
Cleveland, OH 44113
United States
Google map and directions
Steve Holecko · · 440 220 1874

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