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We are sharing resources that can help you run for local office. There are multiple paths to elected office. We will do our best to lay out what these paths are and give you resources to help you along the way. First, let's start with a glossary of terms relating to elections and public and party offices. Then we will move into a map of what Cuyahoga looks like politicly. This map will go over all the different offices, how many people each represents, the jobs of these elected officials and then will get into what the elections look like, how many people are registered, how many people vote in each election and how you might succeed in these different areas. Lastly, we will give you some individual tools to help you navigate the board of elections and help you to put together a successful campaign. 

Glossary of Political Terms

Here we have listed some terms commonly used for in campaigning, public life, and politics. We have also made the list Cuyahoga County specific as possible. Terms like "County Council" or "Precinct Captain" may or may not be the same or even exist in other places but are relevant to our county. We will also put links to terms when they appear in other writings. The purpose: we are all from different backgrounds and may not share the same language or understanding of local politics... this will get us all on the same page. 

Political Topography of Cuyahoga County

Each person who lives in Cuyahoga County is represented by many different people at many unique levels of government that serve different functions. Here, we will introduce you to your legislators and executives. Also, we will do our best to inform you about the other voters in your area. Voter turnout varies from area to area. Knowing voting patterns, when certain offices are up for election and other important details will be extremely useful to know. 

Map to Taking Back Power

It is a large decision to run for office. Depending on many factors, there is a lot of information to take into consideration. At the top of the list, "why are you running?" also, "What's the time commitment for this particular race?" and even, "Is this public office a full-time job with benefits and is that what I want?" We want to help you ask the right questions up front, so that down the line, you will have the time and energy to focus on running a strong campaign. 

Campaigner's Toolkit

here are some additional resources we would like to give you to help you get started and to help along the way. 

Campaign Checklist 

Attend a Candidate 101 (coming soon)

Join CCPC (coming soon)


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