CCPC Membership Survey

Please, take a few minutes to answer these 12 questions. Your input will form the core of this organization. What you have to say here will determine our course. As a member, we will share the results as findings after about a week (mid-October), to give everyone a chance to respond. All responses will be kept anonymous, your privacy is top priority! However, it will be noted that you completed the survey, so we can keep track of who sill needs to complete it. 

There will be a second survey that will be sent after the election, which will ask you to respond to the platform of the organization once it has been completed. If you have questions, please, feel free to email me at anytime.

In general, what kind of platforms do you align yourself with most closely?

Understanding that no one fits perfectly in any of these categories. We just want to take the temperature of the movement here in Northeast, Ohio.