The Revolution Slowly, Surely, Seizes the means of Cleveland Clinic's "production"

The Revolution Slowly, Surely, Seizes the means of Cleveland Clinic's "production"

JohnMyersManila2.jpgBy Tim Russo - John Myers demanded a recount. How can this be? Lakewood Democratic Club president Karolyn Isenhart's morning FedEx purge of eight votes hadn't gone according to plan. Dozens of protestors from all over Cuyahoga County had somehow found out, standing in the pouring rain for god knows what. Serfs. Drat!

Isenhart speedily snuck past the protestors under a grey hoodie to conduct the September meeting as normal, welcoming the Republican mayor her "Democratic" club endorsed. Don't dare suggest both parties are the same. Shouldn't the mayor have been purged too? Fools! Only Republicans who open their mouths to oppose granting Cleveland Clinic a perpetual monopoly on Lakewood health care get purged. Oh, and Democrats. Them too.

Issue 64, a hastily written referendum to rubber stamp city council's Republican-led Cleveland Clinic closing of Lakewood Hospital, first met the revolution last month before there was even ballot language, let alone an issue number. Tabled to September over a Keystone Kops stitch up, Issue 64 was then kicked upstairs to the able, reverse Robin Hood hands of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party. Executive Director Nick Martin, veteran of numerous sports billionaire handouts from elected Democrats, took over. A meeting of Lakewood members of the county party executive committee endorsed Issue 64.

Huzzah! Top down! Pass the caviar! And the purge list. Pro-Issue 64 treasurer Ron Petrie's purge list even included State Senator Mike Skindell, one of the longest serving elected Democrats in Cuyahoga County, whose motion to table last month mucked up the works. How dare an elected Democrat defy capital. Didn't you get Jimmy Haslam's memo, Mike? 

Following the grey hoodied Isenhart past the protestors, John Myers arrived bravely behind a manila folder. Inside the closed vote counting room, from which never emerges an actual count of votes, Myers ordered Isenhart to announce the perplexing recount. This can't be happening! Soon, Myers took the podium to announce his ass had been kicked. No majority for either side, thus no endorsement. 

The leaked count (leaked, because who on earth expects a Democratic club to report a count) was 49-49, with four abstentions. Turns out protesting works. John Myers had never seen anything like it in his decades rigging votes for the county party since landing his cushy "real estate manager" gig in Jimmy Dimora's county government, somehow surviving into Bill Mason's "reformed" county government, and now enforcing Cleveland Clinic's county "government". 

Lakewood will have to decide whether the Cleveland Clinic gets a state mandated monopoly over the city's health care without the benefit of an endorsement either way on Issue 64 from the Lakewood Democratic Club. Outside, the rain had stopped. The skies had cleared. Isenhart told Skindell he's lucky he didn't get purged himself. Skindell slowly walked an elderly member to his car to drive her home.

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