Multi-modal transportation (public transit, walking, biking, driving) is needed to get Clevelanders to work, school, health care, shopping, access to healthy food, to places of worship and voting, to recreation, family, and friends. Flexible transportation options are essential to Cleveland’s infrastructure and growth. The city of Cleveland will use it resources to facilitate a multi-modal 21st-century transportation system that is convenient, safe, accessible, and affordable.

  1. The mayor will appoint vocal and independent leaders on public transit to GCRTA and NOACA boards

  2. Commit to finding new local funding sources for public transit (e.g., increased parking tax)

  3. Legislate new policies that encourage major employers to incentivize transit ridership (via discounted transit fare, land value capture, etc)

  4. Advocate to NOACA and ODOT District 12 for multi-modal projects to be included in statewide transportation improvement plan and funding

  5. Create an oversight committee of current Complete Streets ordinance (streets accessible for all users including cyclists, transit riders, pedestrians, disabled)

  6. Update and implement Citywide Bike Plan

  7. Support UH bikes bike share system financially with at least $100,000 in investments for stations and bikes

  8. Implement a city department of transportation to bring necessary coordination and improved implementation from city planning and engineering (e.g. Baltimore)

  9. Implement dedicated transit lanes and signal prioritization on GCRTA priority corridors (i.e. West 25th, Broadway etc.)

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