Vote Against 64

Vote Against 64

By Tristan Rader - 

This isn't another message asking for money, or asking you to volunteer. I just want you to vote. Vote against privatizing our communities healthcare. Vote against toxic non-compete agreements that allow healthcare monopolies.

I know most of you. Most of us fought hard for Bernie, others were working hard for other candidates. If we really want change... If we are serious about becoming the revolution Bernie envisioned... we need to start local and we need to fight against things like privatizing healthcare.

We must work towards a future that does not leave people who cannot afford for healthcare behind! Read my article for more info.

Please, vote with me and many others AGAINST ISSUE 64.

One of the things I've heard on the streets- "...but they are going to build a health center... what do we get if we vote against 64?"

Simply put, we get the right to choose. We get to decided for ourselves what happens to our healthcare. We can actually go through a proper bidding process. We can build out our family healthcare facility for everyone! It is up to you.

So, please, vote AGAINST ISSUE 64. Our futures depend on it.


Tristan Rader

Operations Director

Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus

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